Lizzie inspired me from the moment I met her. She is an accomplished chef with a wealth of experience ranging from cooking state dinners for Nelson Mandela in her native South Africa, to working at such world-renowned establishments as The French Laundry and Chez Panisse, to running her own successful restaurant in San Francisco, to competing on TV’s Top Chef. She is now the owner of Hand-Crafted Catering, a boutique food and wine-paired event company based in Napa.

I took a variety of photos for Lizzie to help her refresh her portfolio.

The Private Garden

We started out at her private garden in Napa where she grows the most beautiful herbs, vegetables, and flowers you’ll see anywhere.

The Market

We then headed over to The Oxbow market in Napa where she frequently shops for the fresh ingredients she uses in her dishes.

The Kitchen

The last stop was Lizzie’s commercial kitchen, which she uses to create her masterpieces.

The Food!

Elizabeth moves like lightning and before I knew it, the food was all ready and plated. The menu for the day was:

You can contact Chef Lizzie Binder on her Instagram or on her website at